Congrats to the 2016 Champions!

Congrats to the 2016 Champions!

We would also like to thank everyone for your support last season, and give acknowledgment to the top 20 teams that competed in the NSL 2016 National Championship!!!

Elementary School
1st RACS Steppers 935 points
2nd Alpha Epsilon Sigma 915 points
3rd D Squared Short Stacks 847.5 points
4th Psi Phi Beta 807.5 points

Middle School
1st The Essentials 995 Points
2nd Nu Mu Sigma 977.5 points
3rd Ultimate Stepping Machines 950 points
4th Chimalsi 930 points

High School Co-Ed
1st One Theta Nu Sigma 980 points
2nd V-Eta Sigma 955 points
3rd Enon Elite 877.5 points
4th Dillard High School 812.5 points

High School Female
1st Sweetheart Nation 977.5 points
2nd The Royal Duchess 870 points
3rd Lady Dragons 837.5 points
4th Nu Gamma Psi Ladies 820 points

High School Male
1st LEGATO 967.5 points
2nd 5th Ward MOD 942.5 points
3rd Organized Chaos 935 points
4th Nu Gamma Psi Fellas 932.5 points

(DVD/USB Files of the NSL 2016 National Championship along with Nationals Apparel are available online via the NSL Store at